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How Should You Budget for IT?

Cast your mind forward 5 years. Will we still send so many emails? Will we be satisfied with a keyboard to fill in web forms and use passwords to log on to secure systems? The changes in speed of access and capability will be many. As facial recognition, voice recognition, and biometrics develop, our concept […]

Where the EFFFF Did That File Go?

By: Alicia Hernandez, Think Technical Writer We’ve all been there, right?! Desperately scrounging, clicking, and searching for that file that you just saved on your computer last week. Panic starts to set in because you need to send it to your boss or your client in the next three minutes and you can’t find it […]

Read the March Newsletter!

think march newsletter

The March newsletter is here, and it’s filled with great information on Spring Cleaning your technology and protecting your assets from cyber attacks.  Our CEO also gives a shout-out to local technology companies! Read all about it in this month’s edition.  

Check out the February newsletter!

think february newsletter

In this month’s newsletter you’ll find tips on the best technology blogs and news sources, remedies for slow internet, and more info on cloud services like Saas! Read more here.

The January newsletter is here!

Filled with lots of information about the newest technology trends and buzzwords, our January newsletter has arrived.  Happy reading!

The December newsletter is here!

…including a Letter to Santa and a great post on Sophisticated Phishing.

November Newsletter

It’s the time of year where many of us are spending time with family and friends, reflecting on life, and looking ahead to 2015. The November Newsletter with some thoughts from our CEO, Melissa Glick.

The October Newsletter is here!

Check out the latest from Think in our October newsletter: Rethinking Security for the BYOD Era Still Sunny for the Cloud Solving the Area’s IT Talent Gap …and more!